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Connor, 12

Walk For Wishes 2019

I wish to meet my favorite actor

cystic fibrosis

Connor was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that affects the lungs and other organs, at only three months old. From that moment on his family was determined to find a stellar combination of therapies to help stop the progression of symptoms. Over the last 13 years, Connor has endured multiple surgeries and treatments including inhalers, nebulizers, oral medications, nasal sprays and chest vests to clear his lungs.

Connor has never let his diagnosis define him. He earns straight As and even became the student body president of his elementary school. He loves to read and learn, especially about outer space. This passion led to his love of anything related to Star Wars, including the movies. As soon as he discovered he was eligible for a wish, Connor knew he wanted to meet Han Solo himself, aka Harrison Ford. 

Connor’s wish came true at Mr. Ford’s personal airplane hangar in Santa Monica, California. It was a cool and drizzly day, with the sun barely peeking out of the clouds. But when Ford personally greeted the family (he even knew all their names!), Connor’s smile was enough to brighten up the whole city! They were all surprised by Ford’s greeting, but everyone soon became like old friends as they chatted for several hours about Star Wars, flying and Ford’s galactic career.  
Ford showed Connor his planes and helicopter, autographed some items and gave Connor and his brother a ride to lunch in his Tesla! It was an amazing day, but Ford’s parting words were truly unforgettable. Ford encouraged Connor to ‘Be the force.’ 

Connor has not taken Ford’s words lightly. Since his wish came true, he has continued to use his power of positivity to be a force for Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada by volunteering at events and serving as an Office Angel whenever possible. We are so honored to be part of Connor’s journey.

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